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Automatic Gate - Telescopic Gates


Automatic Telescopic Gates

Automatic Telescopic Gates

Telescopic sliding gates are the perfect solution for extreme opening areas and at places where there is less run-back for single leaf gates arrangements due to structural situations. These gates are usually manufactured with two to three and more gate panels. It helps to reduce the required back run or parking space. Our innovative telescopic gates are perfect for people who are looking for space management and who don't have space for traditional sliding gates. We provide a wide range of Telescopic Gates - equipped with fully adjustable hinges, and height-adjustable drop bolts along with built-in heavy-duty automatic closers. Our automatic telescopic gates will ensure complete safety and security.

Due to multiple leaves moving together, the opening speed of the gates increases a lot. These automatic telescopic sliding gates moved at variable speed and operated with specially design telescopic mechanism. We can customize and manufacture gates as per your specific site requirements. Such doors are suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications.

Our automatic telescopic gates are tried and tested in extreme environments with proven reliability. We provide a range of different motor systems to suit a variety of requirements and budgets. Our wide range of telescopic sliding gates come in various styles and colours. We can provide a full service with fencing and pedestrian gates that will be a perfect fit for your automatic gate installation system. Give us a call to discuss your customized gate needs.

Product Details:




350 kg up to 3500kg


42 mm


8mtr X 6 Mtr

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