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Docking Bay - Dock Shelter


Dock Shelter

Dock Shelters

A dock leveler is loading and unloading equipment. It is situated at the loading bay of a factory where the material has to be loaded and unloaded. The capacity of the dock leveler ranges from a minimum to 9000 kgs. A forklift or a stacker lift the material to be loaded, and it’s carried into the container or vehicle directly. The dock leveller will adjust its height based on the truck height so that it eases the rolling of the forklift over it with the load.

Dock Shelters

In industries, safe and secure material handling is the prime concern. To facilitate safe material handling, loading docks are usually equipped with the dock shelters. Dock Shelters seal the gap between the warehouse and the container so that the material stays protected against the dust, humidity, and temperature levels.

With the assistance of our professional team, our clients can avail of high-quality Dock Shelters from technocrat that can be used to fill the gap between building and vehicle at the loading points. You can avoid high-temperature variations as compared to the outside of the warehouse by using these dock levelers.

We provide three basic model according to the structure of the warehouse and the types of goods that needs to be handled. Dock shelters are placed at the door openings, which form a shelter between the dock bay & transportation truck for smooth material loading and unloading. The vehicle will move in the reverse direction into these dock shelters and thus seals it off, thereby offering weather protection during the loading or unloading of goods.

Our extensive range of dock shelters are most suitable at the industrial, harbour, or factory sites where tight sealing is required. They form an efficient lock seal between the truck, trailers, and the buildings. Please browse through our range of high-quality dock shelters now! Our Dock Shelters are robust, high-efficient in performance, and provide the best energy savings solutions.

Product Details:

Equipment Type

Dock Shelter



Function Type

Automatic, Manual, Semi-Automatic


Eco Friendly

Built Type



House, Kiosk


24 months

After Sales Service available



9000 kgs

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