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Tripod Turn Stile - Flap Barrier


Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier gate is used for access control in public places. There is an emergency control device, which allows manually opening and closing of the doors during a power failure, and it opens automatically when the power is resumed. One direction or bi-directional control will be available. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of flap barrier gates in India. Our motorized gates are made with AISI-304 stainless steel or painted carbon steel. The steel gives original finish, great resistance to the environmental agents, and in particular, the use of stainless steel guarantees a better resistance against wear and tear.

We offer a wide range of flap barrier gates that will match your specific needs and different configuration requirements. Our flap barrier gates possess superior quality compared to any traditional management system. These barriers are manufactured with high-quality stainless steel material. They can be installed in various places such as shopping or education centers, business parks, IT parks, government and commercial buildings, stadiums, etc. They are capable of providing a complete and efficient access management solution for controlling the entry-exit passage of the buildings and premises. We offer an integrated access control solution for these automatic flap barrier with efficient management software that could be centrally controlled or monitored.

Flap barriers are the best way to control and manage the continuous moving crowd. Please browse through our range of high-quality flap barrier gates, and ensure complete security along with the efficient movement of people to-and-fro at place and organizations.

Product Details:

Dimension ( mm )

1400X 305X1020

Time for Opening or Closing

1 second

Max Width of Passage




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